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Diana Barron, RN/CPN/PCS

holistic nurse ~ grief specialist

Kindness gives to another, Compassion knows no ‘other.’ (T. Freeman)

Has your world been turned upside-down by grief ?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” (Teilhard de Chardin)

As a Grief Specialist, I provide caring support and qualified guidance for the woman whose identity, purpose, faith, and expectations of life are called into question by the pain of loss.

Grief is often compared to a fingerprint: unique to each one of us. How we grieve depends on the nature of our relationship with the deceased, and circumstances surrounding the death.  Change of any kind involves the loss of “what was” and “what might have been.” Although the elements of grief are universal, the grief process is fluid; you may feel you are drowning in pain.

Grieving allows the heart to accept loss and move into a new reality with hope and joy.

I approach healing and personal growth from a spiritually holistic perspective, thus I am open to any faith tradition. My faith is in you. You possess everything you need to find your way out of your darkness. If you choose to work with me, we will build upon the beliefs that give you strength, and bring to light your hidden gifts for coping with life.  I will partner with you as your guide on the journey to discovery of self.  We will work as a team to heal the pain of your loss, finding that sacred place in your heart where your grief can dwell in peace.

Healers are spiritual warriors
who have found the courage
to defeat the darkness of their souls…




awakening and rising
from the depths of their deepest fears,
like a Phoenix rising from the ashes…

reborn with a wisdom and strength
that creates a light
which shines brightly enough
to help, encourage, and inspire others
out of their own darkness.

(adapted from Melanie Koulouris)



Diana Barron, RN/CPN/PCS


A great deal of my clinical nursing career was spent working side-by-side with dying patients and their families on a daily basis.  This challenge, combined with a variety of profound personal losses, drew me into a deep, ongoing exploration of griefwork.

Grief turns a woman’s world upside-down by calling into question her identity, belief system, and expectations of life. Inspired by the many women who have placed their grieving hearts in my hands, I discovered a gift for creating soul-healing spaces within which women feel safe to process their pain.

www.womenembracebeing.com is for the woman seeking professional guidance through the painful, confusing demands of the grief process.  I offer an integrated approach to healing, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of coping with loss, adapting to change, and creating a “new normal.”




“Women are beginning to rediscover the ancient truth that life is a process, a continuous journey, not a series of isolated events; our choices have a ripple effect on our own lives, the lives of those around us, and even in the lives of people we will never know.” (Diana Barron)



  • Bachelor of Arts – Women’s Studies, Union Institute & University
  • Healthcare Ministry CPE I, Iowa Lutheran Hospital Dual Certification: Clinical Pastoral Nurse & Lay Chaplaincy
  • Pastoral Care Specialist Program, Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center Certification:  Pastoral Care Specialist
  • Effective Teacher Training Program
  • IPT Interpersonal Therapy in Family Practice, University of Iowa
  • Reality Therapy in Nursing Practice
  • Death: The Final Stage of Life
  • After Suicide:  How to Help Those Left Behind Through the Grieving Process
  • The Dysfunctional Family System: the overwhelming impact of crisis; the reality shock of death and dying; struggles with decision-making; control issues; shifts in the family dynamic.
  • Founding Developer/Director of Hospice for Wright County
  • Founding Developer/Director of a holistic bereavement program offering individual sessions and small group workshops for women experiencing the grief process due to a death, or other profound loss.

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
Kahlil Gibran


  • Free Initial Consultation by appointment.
    *See Contact Page
  • Fee: $75.00 for each session via telephone consultation, Google Chat, Skype Chat, and FaceTime
    *Sliding Scale available.  Diana discusses individual needs during your free initial consultation.*
  • Consultation Agreement will include three online or telephone consultations
    *Email conversations will be included at no extra charge*



Online and on-site small group workshops* designed for women to step together into the joy of discovering, exploring, and nurturing their inborn feminine wisdom.

*Contact Diana for more information about small group workshops.

Topics for Small Group Workshops

  • Telling Your Story
  • Understanding Grief as a Process
  • Coping with Life-changing Events
  • Finding Balance: Your “New Normal”
  • Connections: The Essential Element for Growth and Healing
  • How to Create Healthy Boundaries: “Fences with Gates”


“Diana has proven herself time and time again to have the wisdom I’ve needed to find my way through tough times. Her compassion knows no bounds and comes from a heart rich with love.”
~ Mindy 

“Over 20 years ago, Diana helped me with my struggle to accept my husband’s death. She gave me the exact amount of caring and support I needed.  I’ll always be very grateful.”
~ Barb S. 

“Diana is a thoughtful and empathetic presence who listens with both mind and spirit.  She addresses the tender emotions of the human heart with skill and insight gleaned from her own life journey and extensive education and training.  Diana is well acquainted with grief, yet lives her life with strength, integrity, and a joyful spirit she shares generously.  She is fearless in her honesty and encourages others with wise and insightful counsel from a deeply compassionate heart.  With sensitivity, as well as clear and concise perception, she is simply a gift – immeasurable help to all who seek her out.”
~ Mary F. 

“Diana has been and continues to be a Godsend in my life. Her head and her heart are well synchronized, which makes her a very grounding influence. She is ‘open’, compassionate, and always speaks the truth, always in love.  I know she is a blessing to all with whom she comes in contact. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
~ Pat C. 

“I have been blessed to depend on Diana’s wisdom, candor and integrity at multiple times in my personal and professional journey. When I come to her to discuss a problem or an idea, she receives me with respect and curiosity. She answers me with wisdom, and sometimes challenges me to think more deeply about life, and to care for myself in the process. Diana and I have shared in the pain and joy of life’s journey, and I am enlightened by our sharing.”
~ Medea S. 

“Diana has guided me through many tragedies.  She has unbelievable insight into others’ feelings and spirit.”
~ Doreen 

“Diana is my constant. In the highs and lows of life I know Diana is there. Whether to share joys, or offer encouragement needed during sorrow, Diana is the one person I know who will support, guide, and when appropriate – just come along for the journey.”
~ Becca B. 

“Diana is a beautiful woman full of wisdom. Her tenacity in tackling any issue or problem set before her is amazing!  Diana has seen me through rough times, always helping me to see the positive, and helping me embrace who I am and what I can do. Her humor and kindness shine through in everything she does. She has truly been a blessing in my life!”
~ Katy D. 

“Much like Virgil and Dante, Diana guided me through one of the darkest periods of my life, after my long-term relationship ended in an instant. She has truly been blessed with wisdom and compassion, walking next to me every step of the journey to find myself again. She is more than someone to simply talk to; she is a true spiritual friend and sister.
~ Meg S.

“In addition to being a Registered Nurse, Diana is a woman of infinite compassion, common sense, love and humor – traits so desperately needed in today’s life. Women are Diana’s area of expertise (although she excels in parenting, too) and her insight is an invaluable tool.Diana has seen me through some very rough periods of my life with sensitivity and just a dollop of “tough love.”  She helped me navigate the grieving process when my husband died 17 years ago.  She brings creativity, “out of the box” thinking, and a “wholeness” to her craft that enables her client to see things in a clear way.  Often this new perspective is just the ticket to finding the path to a better place.Diana’s knowledge of essential oils and other holistic remedies takes her ability to help the healing process to a new level. She taught me several techniques, which, in addition to required medical treatment, helped me overcome two serious medical conditions in the last 12 months alone.

Though we live over 1,000 miles apart, I always feel like Diana is right there for me, in any situation.  Though we are cousins, I consider her more my sister and very best friend.
~ Lynn B.

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